Our 6-Step Process

Discover your savings and the services available before, during and after the purchase of our energy solutions
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1. Site Survey and Data Collection

Fortis Green engineers conduct a site survey, technical evaluation and preliminary investigation providing expert consultation for system design.

2. Project Proposal & Savings Plan

A complete energy solution tailored specifically to your needs with pre-feasibility study and savings plan.

3. Optional Financing

If the study proves financially and environmentally sound, Fortis Green is able to provide flexible financing and project ownership options.

4. Contracting

Once a bankable, full feasibility study has been finalized, the legal requirements for the project defined in order to sign the relevant agreements.

5. Build Out

The build out phase includes shipping the materials to the project site, installation, testing, fine-tuning and a declaration of conformity.

6. Maintenance & Monitoring

Our maintenance and monitoring program ensures that your system runs optimally to calculate your exact savings month-to-month.